Global Cybersecurity

MITRE addresses global cybersecurity by adopting effective new concepts and applying solutions in awareness, resiliency, and threat-based defense. MITRE advocates a balanced security posture that combines classic cyber defense approaches with a new emphasis on leveraging cyber threat intelligence to respond and adapt quickly to a cyber attack. To accomplish this, we encourage partnerships that promote sharing cyber threat information and effective tools. Our strategy thrives on a foundation of unrelenting innovation and operational experimentation. We work globally to develop strong cooperative programs and foster positive relationships to combat the advanced threats facing the world's nations. For our international sponsors, MITRE's key cybersecurity capability areas include:

  • Cyber strategy development
  • Policy, governance, and risk approaches
  • Cyber assessment and assistance programs
  • Security Operations Centers (SOCs), including technical and governance solutions
  • Advanced Cyber Analytics
  • Securing the Internet of Things
  • Establishment and promotion of cooperative information sharing partnerships
  • Development of and migration to globally accepted and open standards

MITRE's own Cybersecurity Technical Center is home to over 400 cybersecurity experts who are focused on developing innovative solutions for all of MITRE's customers—domestic and international. Our facilities include dozens of laboratories and testing environments that are used to support experimentation and evaluation of cybersecurity tools and processes developed through our research projects and systems developed by industry and government.

MITRE partners with sponsors around the world that recognize the fundamental importance of cybersecurity. In addition to U.S. agencies with world-wide presence, our international relationships include civil and defense ministries as well as international policy and research institutes.